Description of the course
Target group
Personnel working within the wind industry conducting slinging techniques and signalling during simple lifting operations, meaning lifts conducted based on a lifting plan covering known hazards.
Objectives of the course
The aim of GWO’s Slinger Signaller training module is to enable the delegate to support and care for themselves and others while working with slinger signalling in the wind industry by possessing the required knowledge and skills to conduct assigned tasks safely and efficiently. Upon successful completion of GWO’s Slinger Signaller training course, the delegate will be able to work within the wind industry conducting slinging techniques and signalling during simple lifting operations, meaning lifts conducted based on a lifting plan or covering known hazards.

The Slinger signaller will have the knowledge, skills and attitude to be able to:
  • Attaching and detaching the load to and from the crane lifting attachment,
  • Initiating and directing the safe movement of the crane, including multiple slinger signallers during limited or blind lifts,
  • Adhering to their role and responsibilities during the lift,
  • Conducting visual pre and post inspection on lifting accessories and load,
  • Handling of lifting accessories,
  • Ensuring safe lift-off and lay down of the load,
  • Slinging various types of load, based on weight, centre of gravity, shape and size,
  • Carrying out generic routine lifts in accordance with the lift plan,
  • Complying with instruction/procedures set up by the employer to manage lifting,
  • Ensuring that equipment is properly used, maintained and defects reported.

The GWO Slinger Signaller training module is approved by Global Wind Organisation (GWO).
Course contents
The GWO Slinger Signaller covers the following topics:
  • General Safety,
  • General Theory,
  • Practical,
  • Summary and final test.
Duration of the training course
2 working days.
Price – 600 EUR per person
Certificate validity
The Slinger Signaller training is an enduring qualification and therefore a validity period does not apply to this training. This assumes that the delegate is actively working with slinger signalling tasks.
Student feedback mark
Average student feedback mark for training course GWO Slinger Signaller (Riga): 4.88
Trainees will learn how to crane using sophisticated signalling systems, working in Wind Energy Sector. Slingers or signallers often work with lifting teams in order to provide safe direction to personnel operating cranes.
Entry standards
  • Trainees wishing to enter this course should be medically fit and capable of fully participating.
  • Participation in a course according to the GWO standards requires a special identification number for each participant. Each person must have this so-called “WINDA identification number (WINDA-ID)”.

Please register yourself or your employees with the Global Wind Organisation and provide us with your WINDA-ID or enter it directly when registering in our training portal.
Registering for your WINDA-ID is very simple and only requires you to enter your name.
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