Basic Scaffolding Training Course

Target group

The course is applicable for scaffolders, scaffolding supervisors/inspectors and anyone who has to erect, dismantle or adapt scaffolding as part of their duties.

Objectives of the course
The main purpose is to provide general guidance of safety measures when working on land, at height and dealing with scaffolding systems. During course trainees will get familiar with: safe approach, personal protective equipment, fall prevention devices, safety signs & symbols, scaffold components, definitions, different scaffolding systems, erecting and dismantling according to international regulations and manufacturer’s requirements. Trainees shall demonstrate good theoretical knowledges and basic skills according to safe working practices.
Course contents
The Training course covers the following topics:

  • Legislation regulations and basics of safe working practices.
  • Scaffolding basics.
  • International regulations for scaffolding.
  • Risk assessment. Assembling and Disassembling of scaffolding systems according to international regulations and manufacturer’s requirements.
  • Proper use of safety equipment while working at height and on a ground.
  • Working with different type of scaffolds.
  • Assembling, modifying and dismounting scaffolds.
  • Check scaffolding components according to criteria, requirements and standards in force.
  • Create list of required components for assembling scaffolds according to available drawings.
  • Calculations of stability and limitations of scaffolding systems.
  • Storage, regular maintenance and inspection of scaffolds.
  • Examination and evaluation of knowledges.
Duration of the training course
80 hours / 10 working days (2 calendar weeks).
Price – 500 EUR per person
Certificate validity
Certification is unlimited.
Training approaches and equipment:
  • Theoretical tasks with presentations and visualizations
  • Explanations and demonstrations using real equipment
  • Practical exercises using real life equipment and/or simulators
  • Professional instructors with industry experience
Course limitations:
12 trainees.
Description of the course
Riga, Latvia/
Klaipeda, Lithuania
Entry standards
A basic understanding of PPE is required.
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