NEBOSH Level 6 International Diploma – Online

It's an advanced course that provides the participants with an in-depth understanding of occupational safety and health management.

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The NEBOSH Level 6 Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals is a highly respected qualification in the field of health and safety. It's an advanced course that provides the participants with an in-depth understanding of occupational safety and health management. As of May 2023, the curriculum has been updated to the new specification, known as the NEBOSH Level 6 Diploma, to ensure the content is up to date with the latest advancements in the field.

  • DI1
Workplace health and safety principles.
This unit provides an in-depth understanding of the key areas for managing health and safety. It covers moral, economic and societal drivers, ILO regulations and management systems.

  • DI2
Controlling workplace health issues.
This unit gives an in-depth understanding of all major aspects of managing chemical, biological, physical and physiological hazards in the workplace.

  • DI3
Controlling workplace safety issues.
This unit provides a thorough understanding of how to create a safe working environment It covers welfare, fire, dangerous substances, work equipment, electricity, construction and transport.

The NEBOSH Level 6 Diploma takes a practical approach to learning and is assessed entirely through practical work and scenario-based questions.

DI1 is assessed with a practical assignment split into 2 Papers.
The second paper combines the following:
  • Scenario based questions;
  • Work based activities;
  • Reflective statements;
  • A short research project.

Units DI2 and DI3 are assessed with case studies and scenario based questions.

You will have 2-4 weeks to complete your assessments and submit your work to the NEBOSH online portal. You should spend around 40 hours on your DI1 assignment and 20 hours each on your DI2 and DI3 assignments.

  • The NEBOSH Level 6 International Diploma is an advanced qualification. You should already understand fundamental health and safety principles such as risk assessment, hazard control, accident investigation, and key regulations.
  • You’ll also need to have a good level of communication to critically analyse information and apply it to any given scenario.
  • We always recommend taking the NEBOSH International Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety before taking the International Diploma to ensure you can meet the demands of the course.

The duration of the Online:
  • approx 409 hours
  • 3 years access provided



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