Dynamic Positioning

Induction (B-V/f)

Description of the course
Target group
This training course is designed and developed for seafaring personnel intending to become DP operators.
The course is approved by Nautical Institute Ltd. UK.
Course limitations:
The maximum number of participants – 4 persons.
Riga, Latvia
Income requirements
The minimum STCW qualification that a person wishing to enter The Nautical Institute DP Training Scheme must hold is:
  • Regulation II/1 - II/2 - II/3 Deck or
  • Regulation III/1 – III /2 – III/3 Engine or
  • Regulation III/6 ETO
Alternative appropriate marine vocational qualifications (MVQs) will be considered on a case by case basis. In this case, they contact The Nautical Institute for official approval to attend the course:
  • Certificate of Competency;
  • Passport;
  • Photo.
Course contents
The DP Induction course covers the following topics:
  • Principles of DP;
  • Elements of a Dynamic Positioning system;
  • Practical operation of a DP system;
  • Position reference systems;
  • Environment sensors and ancillary equipment;
  • Power generation and supply and propulsion;
  • Operations using DP.
Certificate validity
Certificate is unlimited.
The price is 1350 EUR.
Duration of the training course
The duration of the DP Induction training course is 4 working days
Objectives of the course
Those who successfully complete this course should have acquired a knowledge of the principles of Dynamic Positioning, be able to set up a Dynamic Positioning system and have an understanding of the practical operation of associated equipment, including position reference systems. Trainees should be able to recognize and respond to the various alarms, warning and information messages. Trainees should also be able to relate the DP installation to the ship system, e.g. power supply, maneuvering facility, available position reference systems and nature of work. Trainees should also be able to relate DP operations to the existing environmental conditions of wind, sea state, current and vessel movement.
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