GWO ART Combined Advanced Rescue Refresher (HSIBRR)(NTBRR)(WHR)(MHR)

Description of the course
Target group
Personnel who will be working in the wind industry or related fields and will have their duties in a wind turbine environment. Personnel that may need or is selected by their employer to perform advanced rescue or lead an advanced rescue operation, where training according to one or more modules of the GWO Advanced Rescue Training may mitigate the identified risks.
Objectives of the course
The aim of the NTBRR and HSIBRR modules is to review and build on previously gained knowledge and skills from the ART NTBRR and HSIBRR training as well as working at heights and manual handling training through theoretical and practical training. Hence, enable course participants to perform entry-type injured person rescue operations, in a WTG, using industry standard rescue equipment, rescue methods and techniques.
Student feedback mark
Average student feedback mark for training course GWO Advanced Rescue Training Combined Refresher (HSIBRR)(NTBRR)(WHR)(MHR) – 5.00
Course contents
Lesson 1 - Introduction -15 min.
Lesson 2 - Emergency Response Plan in Your Own Organization NTBRR -30 min.
Lesson 3 - Knowledge review – 75 min.
Lesson 4 - Measures to prevent injury during training-20 min.
Lesson 5 - Manual handling- 30 min.
Lesson 6 - Working at height – rescue from ladder- 80 min.
Lesson 7 - Working at height – self-evacuation- 35 min.
Lesson 8 - Measures to prevent injury during training- 20 min.
Lesson 9 - Evacuation of an injured person from the Nacelle to the Base of the Tower- 120 min.
Lesson 10 -Rescue from enclosed space – 110 min.
Lesson 11- Rescue from Crawl Space – 200 min.
Lesson 12- Rescue Up– 90 min.
Lesson 13 – Introduction HSIBR/HSIBRR -15 min.
Lesson 14 - Emergency Response Plan in Your Own Organization HSIBR/HSIBRR -30 min.
Lesson 15 - Measures to prevent injury during training-20 min.
Lesson 16 - Head support during rescue- 25 min.
Lesson 17 - Packaging the injured person- 50 min.
Lesson 18 - Lowering/raising rescue system- 25 min.
Lesson 19 - Hub rescue exercise 1 & 2 (from blade)- 100 min.
Lesson 20 - Hub rescue exercise 3 & 4 (from spinner)- 80 min.
Lesson 21 - Outside evacuation of injured person– 45 min.
Lesson 22 - Training review – 15 min.

Global Wind Organisation (GWO).
Riga, Latvia/
Klaipeda, Lithuania
Course limitations:
The course ratio are 4 participants on 1 instructor.
Certificate validity
Certificate is valid 2 years.
Riga, Latvia
790 EUR

Klaipeda, Lithuania
965 EUR
Duration of the training course
The duration of the Full training course is 3 Days.
Training approaches and equipment:
  • Theoretical tasks with presentations and visualizations;
  • Group workshops;
  • Case studies;
  • Practical exercises in workshops;
  • Practical exercises using real life equipment;
  • Professional instructors with industry experience.
Delegate prerequisites
  • All personnel participating in advanced rescue refresher training shall be medically fit and capable of fully participating.
  • Valid GWO ART - NTBR,HSIRB GWO Working at Heights, GWO First Aid and GWO Manual Handling certificates are prerequisites for participation. Furthermore, Course participants shall have created a personal Course participant profile in.
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