Description of the course
Target group
Personnel who will be working in the wind industry specifically in relation to composite inspection and repair work. Personnel that perform job functions that have been risk assessed by their employer or their workplace duty holder as a function, where composite work training according to this standard may mitigate some of the identified hazards and risks.
Objectives of the course
The aim of the GWO Blade Repair training module is to enable the participants to support and care for themselves and others working in the wind industry by possessing the necessary knowledge, skills and ability for blade repair.
After having successfully completed the GWO Blade Repair training the participants will be able to:
  • Take responsibility for working safely with applicable chemicals, while utilising the applicable personal protective equipment in a controlled manner throughout all phases of blade inspection and repair work (Ability, intermediate level);
  • Explain typical types of blade construction, materials and the importance of surface finish relating to aerodynamic performance and efficiency (Knowledge, intermediate level);
  • Distinguish between and work safely in a controlled manner with epoxy, polyester, polyurethane, vinyl ester, methacrylate, reinforcement materials and solvents related to composite inspection and repair work (Skills, intermediate level);
  • Prepare, operate and maintain the correct tools and equipment, be it electrical or mechanical (Skills, intermediate level);
  • Take responsibility for safely performing and documenting laminate, sandwich panel and surface layer repairs in accordance with a work instruction in glass fibre reinforced composite parts (Ability, intermediate level).

The GWO Blade Repair module is approved by Global Wind Organisation (GWO).
Course contents
  • 1.Introduction
  • 2.Safety Data Sheets
  • 3.Work Instruction
  • 4.Risk Assessment
  • 5.Secure an Area
  • 6.Dropped Objects
  • 7.Waste Segregation
  • 8.Ergonomics
  • 9.Lock Out Tag Out
  • 10.Personal Protective Equipment
  • 11.Masks and Filters
  • 12.Chemical Safety
  • 13.Composites and Blade Construction
  • 14.Materials
  • 15.Tools and Equipment
  • 16.Phase test
  • 17.Lamination Skills
  • 18.Basic Lamination
  • 19.Sandwich Panel
  • 20.Painting
  • 21.Blade Inspection
  • 22.Inspecting Lightning Protection System
  • 23.Sanding Skills
  • 24.Grinding Skills
  • 25.Surface Repairs
  • 26.Laminate Repairs
  • 27.Filling and Shaping
  • 28.Trailing Edge Repairs
  • 29.Leading Edge Repairs
  • 30.Sandwich Panel Repair
  • 31.Bond Line Repairs
  • 32.Summary and Final Test
  • 33.Training Review
Duration of the training course
The duration of the full training course is 9 days.
The price is 1955 EUR per person.
Certificate validity
Certificate is Unlimited.
Training approaches and equipment:
  • Theoretical tasks with presentations and visualizations
  • Group workshops
  • Case studies
  • Practical exercises in workshops
  • Practical exercises using real life equipment
  • Professional instructors with industry experience
Course limitations:
The course ratio are 6 participants on 1 instructor.
Riga, Latvia/
Klaipeda, Lithuania
Entry standards
Participation in a course according to the GWO standards requires a special identification number for each participant. Each person must have this so-called “WINDA identification number (WINDA-ID)”.

Please register yourself or your employees with the Global Wind Organisation and provide us with your WINDA-ID or enter it directly when registering in our training portal.
Registering for your WINDA-ID is very simple and only requires you to enter your name.
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