NEBOSH Health and Safety Management Construction with exams – Online Course

Description of the course
Target group
The NEBOSH Health and Safety Management for Construction is a crucial health and safety qualification for the construction industry and for anyone looking to transition into construction management.
Course Objective
The NEBOSH Health and Safety Management for Construction is a leading risk and safety management qualification for the construction industry. It will give you the skill, knowledge and confidence to manage and reduce risk on a construction site.
Course contents
  • CN1
Managing Construction Health and Safety.
The sole unit will cover the entire course involving topics such as CDM regulation, hazard control and the importance of risk management.
Entry Requirements Overview
The course no longer requires learners to pass the NEBOSH General Certificate before starting this course. We do however recommend all learners have a suitable level of understanding in the English language.
The CN1 open book exam is completed electronically and submitted through the NEBOSH exam portal. You will have 48 hours from 11am (UK time) on exam day to complete and submit your exam paper.
You will be presented with a scenario describing a realistic workplace and situation, and will be asked to carry out a series of tasks using the scenario provided and your knowledge gained throughout your learning and revision.

You must successfully pass this unit in order to achieve your full NEBOSH Health and Safety Management for Construction qualification.

A closing interview, asking questions about your submission completes the assessment.

1049 EUR per person.
Certificate validity
Duration of the training course
The duration of the Online:
  • approx 116 hours
  • 12 months access provided
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