Chester Step Test (CST)

Aim and objectives
Chester Step Tests are a tried and testing means of gauging fitness, this is done by measuring the heart’s ability to recover from exertion. To achieve this, the test consists of stepping onto and off a 30 cm / 12 inch step at rate set by a metronome. During this test, your heart rate will be monitored and results will be plotted on a graph providing aerobic capacity and fitness.
Duration of the test
30 min.
80 EUR per person.
Certificate validity
Certificate is valid 2 years.
Test content
  • Consultation with a health professional;
  • Completion of the Chester Step Test;
  • Report compiled on the test findings.
Delegate prerequisites
  • Delegates smoking and soft/strong drinks (including coffee) is not allowed 2 hours prior to the test;
  • Please bring sportswear for the test.
Target group
For work in wind turbine industry and offshore and personnel may also be nominated by their company to complete a Chester Step Test for their job role.
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