Designated Person Ashore

Digital Delivery

Description of the course
Target group
The training is tailored for maritime professionals intended to perform duties in Designated Person Ashore capacity.
Course objectives
Upon successful completion of the "Designated Person Ashore" training, participants will be able to fulfil the specific requirements associated with the role and perform duties as a DPA.
Course content
  • Requirements for the DPA;
  • Modern Maritime Management Systems;
  • Requirements of the International Safety Management (ISM) Code;
  • Applicable mandatory regulations, codes, guidelines & standards;
  • Assessment techniques;
  • Technical and operational aspects of safety management;
  • Understanding operations of a shipping company;
  • Understanding Auditing;
  • Importance of good communication.
Duration of the training course
The duration of the Designated Person Ashore training course is 2 working days.
The price is 750 EUR.
Certificate validity
Income requirements
Participants should present a valid identity document (passport/ID card).
The course is conducted online only
Training approaches and equipment:
Training course is conducted by professional and experienced instructors guiding participants through each module, starting with an introduction, briefing and ending with a debriefing and review. Alongside this, practical tasks are performed in a Learning Management System allowing participants to obtain an individual self-paced approach. With the help of our instructors and real-life tasks, participants learn skills they will actually use in their jobs.
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