Electronic Notification Systems eNOAD and Safety Net Digital Delivery

Description of the course
Target group
“Electronic Notification Systems (USA and Europe)” course (including USCG Electronic Notice of Arrival/Departure – eNOAD and European SAFESEANET) is a training program for ship's Masters and Senior Officers.
Objectives of the course
Trainees successfully completing this course and meeting the required performance standards, will be able to:
  • Understand USA Arrival Notification Procedures;
  • Understand the objectives of eNOA/D;
  • Familiarize with USA Federal Rules 33CFR160;
  • Demonstrate competence in sending eNOA/D by different methods;
  • Demonstrate competence in sending US Ballast Reporting Notification;
  • Familiarize with US Automated Manifest System (AMS) regulations;
  • Demonstrate competence in providing of Notification to SafeSeaNet.
On completion of the course the learner/trainee should be able to demonstrate sufficient understanding and knowledge of the:
  • USA Federal requirements with regards to pre-arrival notification procedures and alternative methods of submitting such notifications, including eNOA/D;
Duration of the training course
The duration of the “Electronic Notification Systems (USA and Europe)” is 1 working day.
The price is 110 EUR.
Certificate validity
Certificate validity is unlimited.
Course contents
The course “Electronic Notification Systems (USA and Europe) “covers the following topics:
US Regulations involved in pre-arrival notification
  • Objectives of the pre-arrival notification to US Ports;
  • US regulations involved in pre-arrival notification;
  • General description of the notification;
  • Provisions of the Final rule 33 CFR 160, Subpart C;
Methods for submitting an NOA/D
  • Structure of the E-NOA/D Application form;
  • Electronic submission of the NOAD Workbook - Version 7.5;
  • Electronic submission via Microsoft InfoPath;
  • Electronic submission directly to a web site;
US Automated Manifest System (AMS)
  • Familiarization with US Automated;
  • Manifest System (AMS);
  • Definitions of the Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC) and an International Carrier Bond;
Principles of the e-NOA/D notification
  • Benefits/Advantages of the electronic notification;
  • Advantages of the e-NOA/D Application;
  • Methods for submitting an NOA;
  • E-NOA/D notification Procedure;
Water Ballast Notification Procedure and submitting of the Notification to NBIC
  • Submission Instructions for Ballast Water Reporting Form to NBIC;
  • PDF-format Ballast Water Reporting Form - Online Option;
  • PDF-format Ballast Water Reporting Form - E-mail Option;
  • Microsoft Word-format Ballast Water Reporting Form.
Electronic Notification System in European Union
  • Vessel traffic monitoring in EU waters (SafeSeaNet);
  • The Legislations of the EU with regards to Traffic Monitoring (DIRECTIVE 2002/59/EC, DIRECTIVE 2010/65/EU);
  • Structure of the SafeSeaNet – the vessel traffic monitoring and information system;
  • Methods for submission of Notification to SafeSeaNet;
  • Electronic submission to a SafeSeaNet web site;
Practical exercise and acquaintance with the Notification Procedures
  • Practical exercise and acquaintance with e-NOA/D Application;
  • Practical exercise and acquaintance with Water Ballast Notification to NBIC;
  • Practical exercise in completion of the SafeSeaNet application in web-site;
  • Need to consolidate the knowledge of the trainees and to understand the individual particularities of the applications and/or Workbook completion and submitting.
Entry standards
Training program for ship's Masters and Senior Officers meeting STCW II/2, Function: Controlling the operation of the ship and care for persons on board at the management level.
Training approaches and equipment:
During training course theoretical lessons are given using PowerPoint presentations, practical tasks are conducted on the PC with latest versions of the USCG application form and PC Programme simulation of the SAFESEANET.
Digital delivery and onsite training is available
Course limitations:
The maximum number of participants - 9 persons.
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