Onboard Assessor
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Course Objectives
After completion of the training, participants will be able to effectively utilise the OCIMF/Intertanko Standard for Behavioural Assessment, design and implement shipboard assessment systems, create comprehensive assessment plans, conduct objective behavioural assessments, and develop actionable performance improvement plans.
Course contents
  • Course Introduction;
  • Familiarisation with OCIMF/Intertanko Standard on Behavioural Assessment;
  • Development of Shipboard Assessment System;
  • Planning of assessment:
Duration of the training course
The duration of the Onboard Assessor training course is 2 working days.
The price is 740 EUR.
Certificate validity
The course is conducted online only
Description of the course
Target group
Maritime professionals responsible for crew management, behavioural performance evaluation and implementation of standardised behavioural assessment systems.
Training Approach
Training course is conducted by professional and experienced instructors guiding participants through each module, starting with an introduction, briefing and ending with a debriefing and review. Alongside this, practical tasks are performed in a Learning Management System allowing participants to obtain an individual self-paced approach. With the help of our instructors and real-life tasks, participants learn skills they will actually use in their jobs.
– Identify Performance Objectives
– Select Performance Objectives for On-Board Assessment
– Determine performance measures and standard
– Prepare assessment package
  • Live Behavioural Assessment (using Full Mission Simulators):
– Preparation for the assessment
– Conduct pre-assessment briefing
– Observe assessed person's performance and results
– Evaluate the process and determine assessment outcome
– Assessment de-briefing
  • Development of Performance Improvement Plan.
Income requirements
To be assigned on course, participant should present:
  • Valid identity document (passport/ID card).
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