Competence Upgrading Course
for Engineer Officers

Description of the course
Target group
Competence update training course is developed especially for Engineer Officers who have completed or started educational program based on STCW Convention Requirements, which were in force till 01.01.2012.
Objectives of the course
The objective of this course is to provide course participants with knowledge, understanding and proficiency in steam and gas propulsion systems, as well as high-voltage systems.
Course contents
The Competence upgrading course divided on three sections and covers topics in the following areas:
  • Ideal Rankine cycle;
  • The real Rankine cycle;
  • Steam turbine principles;
  • Steam turbine structure;
  • Systems of the propulsion plant;
  • Preparation of systems;
  • Main steam boilers;
  • Main steam boilers for LNG carriers. Systems of boilers;
  • Propulsion turbine operation;
  • Main turbine start-up;
  • Problem solving in steam turbines;
  • Gas propulsion turbine operation. Prepare of systems;
  • Gas propulsion turbine operation. Prepare of auxiliary DG;
  • Gas propulsion turbine operation. Prepare of Main Propulsion Gas Turbine;
  • High Voltage.
Duration of the training course
The duration of „Competence upgrading course for engineer officers” is 5 working days.
The price is 888 EUR.
Certificate validity
Certificate validity is unlimited.
Entry standards
Trainees wishing to enter this course should have:
  • Certificate of Competence as Officer in Charge of a Engineering Watch; or
  • Present evidence that is in progress studying on the educational program of Officer in Charge of an Engineering Watch.
Riga, Latvia
Course limitations:
The maximum number of participants – 12 persons.
Training approaches and equipment:
During training course theoretical lessons are given using PowerPoint presentations, practical tasks are conducted on the latest version of Engine Room Simulator developed by Transas – ERS 5000.
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