Explosion Proof

Equipment Training

Description of the course
Target group
The course is intended for Electrical Training Officers to improve skills in safe operation, maintenance
and fault finding of explosion proof equipment according to requirements.
Objectives of the course
  • Identify explosion proof equipment;
  • Choose correct type of Explosion Proof equipment according to risk environment;
  • Know construction principles of explosion energy minimization.
  • Understand, evaluate and troubleshoot explosion proof equipment;
  • Perform safe operation and maintenance.
  • Perform necessary checks.
Duration of the training course
The duration of the training course is 1 day.
The price is 378 EUR per person.
Certificate validity
Course contents
The Training Course covers the following topics:
  • Nature of electrical accidents;
  • Electrical standards and regulations;
  • Hazardous area classification
  • and explosion prevention;
  • Ex. proof equipment:
– Identification
– Classification
– Documentation
– Lables
– Conformity to Standards
  • Construction:
– Enclosures
– Modifications
– Protection methods
  • Inspection:
– Visual inspection
– Close inspection
– Detailed inspection
  • Maintenance and Operation:
– Environment conditions
– Enclosures
– Sealings
– Connections
– Equipment elements
– Complience with standards
  • Installation:
– Cables and wires
– Earthing
– Sealing plugs
– Integrity and condition
– Environment factors
– Risks to the allocated zones
– Equipment selection
– Storage and transportation
Riga, Latvia

Digital delivery and onsite training is available

Note: theoretical and practical exercises are conducted through Novikontas Webinar Training System.
Income requirements
The course is open for Junior and Senior Engineer Officers and ETOs.
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