Ship Handling
Simulator Training

Description of the course
Target group
This training course primary is intended for Masters, Chief Officers and mates going to be engaged in shiphandling operations.
Objectives of the course
In this course the participants should gain the basic and advanced knowledge of shiphandling principles, maneuvering different types of ships in different weather conditions, with different propulsion systems with or without tugs in various complexity areas and conditions. Also course meets the objectives listed in STCW Code sections A-II/2 and B-V/a.

The course is approved by Latvian Maritime Administration, what means that issued certificates are recognized on international level.
The shiphandling course covers the following topics:
  • Basic principles and forces acting to a ship;
  • Standard maneuvers;
  • Wind and current effects;
  • Shallow water effects;
  • Bank and canal effects and ship to ship interaction;
  • Various propulsion systems, use of advanced rudders, maneuvers on ships with unusual maneuvering characteristics, handling of large ships;
  • Use of tugs.
Duration of the training course
The duration of the shiphandling training course is 5 working days.
The price is 840 EUR.
Certificate validity
Certificate is unlimited.
Training approaches and equipment:
During training course theoretical lessons are given using PowerPoint presentations, practical tasks are conducted on Transas NTPRO 5000 full mission simulator.
Riga, Latvia
Course limitations:
The maximum number of participants – 9 persons.
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Course in pictures:
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