Maintenance and winterization of rescue boat outboard engines

Course Objective
After completing this course the participants will be able to:
  • Know and explain types and characteristics of outboard engines;
  • Perform simple engine and reducer diagnostics;
  • Perform engine maintenance (oil change, filter change, lubricants);
  • Identify engine troubleshooting;
  • Prepare engine for winterization.
Course contents
  • Types and characteristics of outboard engines;
  • Simple engine and reducer diagnostics;
  • Engine maintenance (oil change, filter change, lubricants);
  • Identification of Engine troubleshooting;
  • Engine preparation for winterization.
Duration of the training course
1 working day.
250 EUR per person.
Certificate validity
Riga, Latvia
Description of the course
Target group
This training course primary is intended for existing seafarers or crew involved in rescue boat outboard engine operation, diagnostics and maintenance.
Training approaches and equipment:
  • Rescue boat with outboard engine - 25HP (Tohatsu);
  • Fast rescue boat with outboard engine – 225 HP (Mercury);
  • Engine stand;
  • Key for unscrewing the oil filter;
  • Pump for checking the sealing of the gearbox;
  • Pump for pumping oil into the gearbox;
  • Lubricant for winterization, spray;
  • Online video and audio interaction to facilitate the delivery of training through lectures, group exercises and discussions;
  • Professional and certified (as per STCW Code, section A-I/6) instructors-assessors with industry experience;
  • Practical exercises.
Course limitations:
The course is conducted for groups from 1 to 11 participants.
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