Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats – Refresher Course

Description of the course
Target group
This training course primary is intended for existing seafarers who have done Survival Craft and Rescue Boats other than Fast Rescue Boats training course and Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats.
Riga, Latvia
Income requirements
To be assigned on Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats Refresher training course, participant should present “Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats other than Fast Rescue” Certificate, previous “Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats” Certificate and valid identity document (passport/ID card).
Course contents
The Training course covers the following topics:
  • Introduction and safety;
  • Construction and outfit of fast rescue boats (FRB)
  • and individual items of their equipment;
  • Particular characteristics and facilities of FRB;
  • Procedures for righting a capsized FRB;
  • Search patterns and environmental factors affecting their execution;
  • Maintenance, emergency repairs, normal inflation and deflation of buoyancy compartments of inflated FRB;
  • Method of starting and operating a FRB engine and its accessories.
Certificate validity
Certificate is valid 5 years.
The price is 456 EUR.
Duration of the training course
The duration of the Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats Refresher Course is 1 working day.
Objectives of the course
After completing of this course the participants will be competent to:
  • Control safe launching and recovery of a fast rescue boat;
  • Right a capsized fast rescue boat;
  • Handle a fast rescue boat in prevailing weather and sea conditions;
  • Swim in special equipment;
  • Use the emergency equipment carried;
  • Recover a casualty form the water and transfer a casualty to a helicopter or to a ship, or to a place of safety;
  • Carry out search patterns, taking into account of environmental factors;
  • Start and operate engine of a fast rescue boat as required for manoeuvring.
The course is complies all requirements of the STCW Convention Chapter VI, Sections A-VI/2 and Table A-VI/2-2 of the SCTW Code, as well as covers all subject areas recommended by IMO Model course 1.24 “Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats”.

The course is certified by Latvian Maritime Administration.
Course in pictures:
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