Incident Investigation

Description of the course
Target group
The course is intended for all Management and Operational level staff in shipping industry. The course
is designed to prepare attendees to become Accident Investigation Team Leaders.
Objectives of the course
Most organizations have accident investigation procedures. However, these procedures are often based
on a blame culture and do not inspire the investigator to find and correct the defects in the management system (root caused) that allowed the hazards to exist and the accident to occur.

Several industries have adopted excellent accident investigation and analysis techniques. It is a basic function to locate and define the operational errors that allow accidents to occur. Competence in the application of modern accident/incident investigation tools will assist to learn and to prevent the recurrence of accidents and to evaluate the extent and location of management defects (root-causes), which contributed to the accident event.
Course contents
The Training course covers the following topics:
  • Legal requirements for accidents, incidents investigation and for record keeping;
  • Accident / incident definitions and their relationship;
  • Causes of accidents;
  • Witnesses interview;
  • Application of accident causation models;
  • Application of accident causation models;
  • Methods for effective evidence gathering;
  • Corrective action report writing and compilation;
  • Root-cause analysis;
  • Modern accident investigation and analysis techniques.
Duration of the training course
The duration of the Incident Investigation course is 1 working day (7 hours).
The price is 130 EUR per person.
Certificate validity
Income requirements
To be assigned on the training course, participant should present:
  • Passport/ID
Riga, Latvia
Training approaches and equipment:
During training course theoretical lessons are given using PowerPoint presentations.
The course program
Course introduction
  • Legal requirements:
– The course
– Training program introduction
– Legal requirements for accident investigation

  • Accident / Incident definitions and their relationship:
– Accidents, Incidents,
Near-misses and their relationship

  • Accident causation:
– Causes of accidents,
– Application of accident causation models

  • Accident investigation techniques:
– Modern accident investigation and analysis techniques

  • Accident/Incident investigation procedures:
– Methods for effective evidence gathering
– Witnesses interview

  • Root-cause analysis;
  • Accident reporting and actions plans;
  • Assessment and Discussion.
Course limitations:
The maximum number of participants – 24 persons.
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