Dynamic Positioning Vessel Maintainer Course

Description of the course
Target group
The DP Vessel Maintainer course is designed for marine officers who hold STCW Regulation III/1 to III/6 Engine and ETO credentials, or who have suitable marine vocational qualifications (MVQs). The course is specifically aimed at seafarers who are responsible for the maintenance of designated dynamic positioning tasks, or who handle them during urgent situations. Technical officers with relevant watchkeeping qualifications on any DP vessel are also eligible to apply for entry into this training program.
Objectives of the course
This course provides practical guidance, information, training, and qualifications for engineers, engine officers, and ETOs. Upon completion of this course, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of Dynamic Positioning systems. They will learn how to set up and manage a DP system, understand the operation of related equipment, including position reference systems, and respond to alarms and warning
messages appropriately. The course also ensures trainees can integrate DP systems with the ship's power supply, maneuvering facilities, and position reference systems, adapting to various environmental conditions.
Duration of the training course
The duration of the DPVM course is 34 hours spread across 5 working days.
The price is 1900 EUR.
Certificate validity
Certificate is unlimited.
Course contents
The DPVM course covers the following topics:
  • General Overview of DP;
  • The power generation and management;
  • Propulsion units;
  • DP Control system and sensors;
  • Position reference systems;
  • Environmental reference systems;
  • Documentation;
  • DP operation and effects on the DP system;
  • Safe DP operation CAM, ASOG, TAM and TAGOS;
  • Lessons learned;
  • Manning, Training, and competency assessment.
Income requirements
To enroll in The Nautical Institute DP Training Scheme, applicants must fulfill the following:
  • Certificate of Competency:
◦ STCW Qualification:
– Regulation III/1, III/2, III/3; or
– Regulation III/6; or
– The Nautical Institute will also accept anyone on a case-by-case basis who holds a technical officer’s position on any DP vessel. This does not include ratings.
  • Passport.
  • Photo.
Riga, Latvia
Course limitations:
The maximum number of participants – 8 persons.
The course is approved by The Nautical Institute.
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