Description of the course
Target group
GWO BSTr Manual Handling module is primarily intended for personnel already working in the wind industry or related fields needing to refresh their GWO BSTr Manual Handling.
Objectives of the course
On completion of the BST Manual Handling Module the delegates will be able:
  • Demonstrate a problem-solving approach to Manual Handling in a wind turbine environment;
  • Identify aspects of their job tasks that could increase their risk of developing muscular/skeletal injuries, symptoms of injuries related to poor Manual Handling techniques;
  • Demonstrate safe practices of Manual Handling, including the correct handling of equipment.

The GWO BSTr Manual Handling module is approved by Global Wind Organisation (GWO).
Course contents
The Manual Handling Refresher training course covers the following topics:
  • Introduction,
  • Legislation and behavioural safety,
  • Spinal anatomy and posture,
  • Planning manual handling,
  • Measures to prevent injury during training,
  • Manual handling: risk controls & proper manual handling techniques
  • Evaluation.
Duration of the training course
4 hours.
100 EUR per person.
Certificate validity
Certificate is valid 2 years.
Entry standards
Trainees wishing to enter this course should be medically fit and capable of fully participating.
They should also possess valid BST/ BSTr certificates or training records in WINDA for the Manual Handling module prior to attending BSTr Manual Handling training.
Student feedback mark
Average student feedback mark for training course GWO BSTR Manual Handling (Riga): 4.84
Average student feedback mark for training course GWO BSTR Manual Handling (Klaipeda): 4.93
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