LNG Cargo Operations – Operational Level (SIGTTO) Digital Delivery

Description of the course
Target group
This course is for officers and crew members on LNG Carriers, especially those in charge of planning and carrying out safe cargo operations. The course is also beneficial for anyone in the LNG industry looking to understand cargo operations on LNG vessels better.
Objectives of the course
Upgrade and refresh the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of officers working on LNG tankers in liquefied gas tanker design, machinery and systems, management of the systems and equipment, design and operation of control and alarm system, performance of operations in standard, non-standard and emergency conditions.
Duration of the training course
The duration of the LNG carrier cargo operations (Deck Operational level) training course is 4 working days.
Training course can be delivered on site (Shore Based Training), distantly (Online Training using webinars) or it could be combined.
1400 Eur per person.
Certificate validity
Course contents
LNG carrier cargo operations (Deck Operational level) training course covers the following topics:
  • Fundamental knowledge and understanding;
  • Risk assessment requirements;
  • Regulation and guidelines;
  • LNG vessel construction;
  • Post dry-dock operation equipment and procedure;
  • Drying and preparation of barrier space;
  • Inerting Cargo Tanks;
  • Gassing up and cool down process.
  • LNG hazards/ environmental impact of LNG operations;
  • Ship to shore or ship to ship (STS) interface and equipment;
  • Safety systems and equipment;
  • Monitoring systems and equipment;
  • Specific checks required for each operation;
  • Normal voyage cycle;
  • Complete Initial Cool Down and commence Loading;
  • Complete Loading;
  • Pre-dry-dock operations and systems;
  • Type of non-standard and emergency operations;
  • Contingency planning;
  • Supply of vapours to boilers;
  • Warming UP - Inerting – Aerating.
Entry standards
  • Seaman’s book, demonstrating that have necessary requirements - sea service, or letter of sea service approved by the company;
  • Certificate of completion of basic training for liquefied gas tanker.
Digital delivery and onsite training is available
Training approaches and equipment
This course provides a comprehensive approach to learning, combining online lectures and presentations with hands-on training on the Liquid Cargo and Ballast Handling Simulator. The course includes written practical tasks, group work, demonstrations, and presentations.
Upon completion and the delegate will receive a certificate issued by Novikontas Training center and approved by DNV.
Course limitations:
Number of participants in one group should not exceed 6 persons.

If the training takes place remotely, the maximum number of students in one group for theoretical and practical classes are 3 persons.
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