Oil Record Book Training
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Description of the course
Target group
This course is specifically designed for marine engineers, including chief engineers, second engineers, and other engineering officers on board ships. It is also suitable for marine engineering students, environmental compliance officers, and any maritime professionals involved in the operation and maintenance of shipboard machinery, especially those responsible for handling and recording the management of oily waste and cargo residues.
Course objectives
The objectives of the course is to equip marine engineers with the knowledge and skills necessary to accurately maintain and update the Oil Record Book in accordance with legal requirements, to enhance the operational practices related to the handling, processing, and disposal of oil residues and oily mixtures. This includes the efficient operation of oily water separators, oil content meters, and sludge management systems.
Course content
  • Introduction to Environmental Regulations;
  • Overview of MARPOL Annex I and other relevant environmental legislation;
  • Understanding the importance of compliance and the role of the Oil Record Book;
  • Detailed Study of the Oil Record Book;
  • Practical Record Keeping Exercises;
  • Management of Oily Wastes Onboard;
  • Case Studies and Legal Implications;
  • Emergency Response and Spill Management.
Duration of the training course
1 day
The price is 150 EUR.
Certificate validity
Digital delivery and onsite training is available
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