Long Range
Radio Operator

Description of the course
Target group
This training course is designated for every seafarer who is going to be in charge of or perform radio duties on a ship less than 300 GT (which is a non-SOLAS vessel, but is using GMDSS equipment and radio frequencies) which is navigating outside GMDSS A1 area in accordance with ECC Recommendations (10)03 “Harmonized CEPT Examination procedures for the Long Range Certificate (LRC) for non-SOLAS Vessels”.
Objectives of the course
After successful completing this course the participant will be able to efficiently operate the GMDSS equipment and to have primary responsibility to radio communications during Distress incidents as well as to avoid accidental alarms and false alarm transmissions.
Course contents
The Long Range Radio Operator’s training course covers the following topics:
  • Principles of Maritime Radio communications;
  • VHF radio installations;
  • MF/HF radio installations;
  • Purpose & Use of DSC Facilities;
  • SAR operations in GMDSS;
  • GMDSS Distress, Urgency and Safety radio communication procedures;
  • Old distress and safety communication procedures for old Distress, Urgency and Safety radiotelephony;
  • Distress Frequencies Protection;
  • MSI;
  • GMDSS alarms and signals;
  • Communication messages connected with safety of life at sea;
  • Requirements, mandatory procedures and training;
  • Radiotelephony procedures;
  • Inmarsat communication;
  • Types of Maritime Mobile Satellite communication stations;
  • Inmarsat – C Ship – Shore station;
  • Inmarsat Enhanced Group Call (EGC) system.
Duration of the training course
The duration of the Long Range Radio Operator’s training course is 3 working days.
The price is 330 EUR.
Certificate validity
Certificate is valid Unlimited.
Income requirements
To be assigned on the Long Range Radio Operator’s training course, participant should present:
  • Certificate of Competence in accordance with requirements of Latvian Maritime Administration.
Riga, Latvia
Course limitations:
The maximum number of participants – 8 persons.
Training approaches and equipment:
During training course theoretical lessons are given using PowerPoint, practical tasks are based on real scenarios and conducted using following equipment: real SAILOR GMDSS for A3 area and GMDSS TRANSAS TGS4100 simulator.
The course complies with all requirements of the STCW Convention, as amended, as well as covers all subject areas recommended by ECC/REC/(10)03 “Harmonized CEPT Examination procedures for the Long Range Certificate (LRC) for non-SOLAS Vessels”.

The course is certified by Latvian Maritime Administration.
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