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Entry standards
  • Trainees wishing to enter this course should be medically fit and capable of fully participating.
  • Participation in a course according to the GWO standards requires a special identification number for each participant. Each person must have this so-called “WINDA identification number (WINDA-ID)”.

Please register yourself or your employees with the Global Wind Organisation and provide us with your WINDA-ID or enter it directly when registering in our training portal.
Registering for your WINDA-ID is very simple and only requires you to enter your name.
Our advantage is that all training programs are focused on both - theoretical training and the acquisition of practical professional knowledge and skills.
Latvian maritime diplomas are recognized all over the World. Every 5 years Latvia undergoes a thought audit carried out by the International Maritime Organization and European Maritime Safety Agency.
Students get their financial independence from parents during their study and gain experience for their successful maritime career.
College graduates get not only a diploma but also practical skills which are necessary for the beginning at their career in the maritime sphere.
“Maritime industry is constantly evolving and the latest technologies are becoming an integral part of it. A present-day seafarer must be ready for such changes. Therefore, we offer education focused on the contemporary maritime industry, which prepares specialists not just for the next 2 or 3 years, but at least for 10!”
College Deputy Director
Dmitrijs Semjonovs
International education
Opportunity to work right away
Both theory and practice
Financial independence during your study

of Novikontas Maritime College graduates get a stable job in one of the world's merchant fleet companies


of the instructors are also active seafarers


Educational process consists of 80% of practical training...


...and 20% of theory

Companies where our students work
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