Escape Chute Refresher Training

Description of the course
Target Group
The target group for Escape Chute Refresher Training is personnel who are required to refresh their escape chute training and revalidate their Escape Chute Training certification.
Course Objective
The aim of the Refresher Training programme is to ensure delegates maintain their knowledge and skills in the use of escape chutes as a means of tertiary escape from offshore installations and vessels.

The objectives are to update and maintain knowledge and skills in the following:
a) To make delegates aware of the various types of escape chutes used on offshore installations and vessels;
b) To provide theoretical and practical training in the safe techniques for escaping through an escape chute;
c) To ensure delegates understand what they are required to do when exiting the escape chute.

Novikontas Energy
Course contents
MODULE 2 Escape Chute Systems Used Offshore
ELEMENT 2.1 Escape chute systems and Escape Chute Use (Theory)
ELEMENT 2.2 Escaping via an Escape Chute (Practical)
Duration of the training course
The duration of the training course is 2 hours.
160 EUR per person.
Certificate validity
Certificate is valid 4 years.
Delegate prerequisites
  • All Escape Chute Initial Training participants shall be medically fit and capable of fully participating;
  • Medical screening: Completion of a self-declaration of medical fitness form;
  • Delegates undertaking the Escape Chute Refresher Training require a valid Escape Chute Training or Refresher Training certificate.
Training approaches and equipment:
  • Theoretical tasks with presentations and visualizations;
  • Group workshops;
  • Case studies;
  • Practical exercises in workshops;
  • Practical exercises using real life equipment;
  • Professional instructors with industry experience.
Course limitations:
The course ratio are 16 participants on 1 instructor.
Course in pictures:
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